On Using Gomore

A: Nope, quite far from it actually. GoMore is foremost a stamina monitor with cloud AI system, which is a first of its kind that could possibly transform the way users work with their bodies. For instance, by knowing the amount of stamina you had at anytime during exercise, you would know whether to speed up or slow down to finish a distance. By knowing how you use stamina during exercises, you would be able to devise better training strategies to optimize effectiveness.

A: Currently GoMore works best for endurance exercises including running, cycling, hiking, and treadmill training.

A: To measure stamina, GoMore records your ECG signals through the stamina sensor and the two electrodes on the chest belt. Your ECG signals carry unique information about how you respond physiologically to different exercise intensities, durations, and frequencies under various environmental conditions such as elevation, temperature and humidity. Along with your soft biometrics including height, weight, and age, the embedded algorithm processes relevant ECG signal features to deduce your perceived exertion levels to calculate the amount of stamina you have remaining during workouts in real time.

A: The GoMore app alerts you with voice prompt.

A: When your stamina is at 0% it’s usually an indicator to slow down or stop. However, if you feel strong enough to continue, it could mean that your capability for that particular exercise is improving. The key is to listen closely to your body and not over work it.

A: Heart rate zones serve as a reference of different physiological loads at different exercise intensities. Stamina, on the other hand, not only reflects the physiological load of different exercise intensities, it also provides information on how long those intensities can be sustained.

A: Your capabilities are most likely to differ across different exercises due to the different muscle groups and fitness skills required to perform. Hence in order for the stamina sensor to effectively capture and monitor your stamina changes for each exercise, separate calibrations are required.

On technical specifications

A: It supports both Android and iOS versions now.

A: iOS 6 or less is not supported. GoMore works on iOS 7 and GoMore II supports iOS 10 and above, however ongoing technical support will be limited due to discontinued development. We recommend users upgrade to the lastest iOS version for the best experience and full technical support.

A: Yes, GoMore Lite supports both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+.

A: Yes, GoMore II App works with cadebce meters/power meters/cycling computers support BLE.

A: When paired with third party apps, the GoMore stamina sensor only functions as a regular heart rate sensor. For the best user experience, the GoMore stamina sensor should be used together with the GoMore app. Furthermore, we recommend that users avoid using other Bluetooth-connected apps while using GoMore to prevent interference.

A: The sensor is currently water resistant, that is splash resistant (IPX 7). However, it’s not waterproof and should not be submerged in water. It’s suitable for withstanding perspiration from aerobic and endurance exercises.

A: Yes, the GoMore Lite stamina sensor needs to communicate with the app via Bluetooth connection as you’re working out.

A: No, this feature is currently unavailable.

A: Yes, our app will give you the real-time stamina analysis and many useful informaion calculated from our app and cloud service for users.

A: Please visit our website at www.gomore.me for more details.