Privacy Policy

Thank you for using GoMore Software and GoMore Device(“collectively, “GoMore”) of bOMDIC bOMDIC takes your privacy seriously, please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.

1.Scope of the Privacy Policy

The content of the privacy policy includes how we collect and process your personal information through your use of the GoMore. This privacy policy does not apply to other software or hardware other than GoMore or to personnel or entities other than bOMDIC.

2. Information Collection and Use

For the purpose of providing a better user experience and to build your personalized record of use, bOMDIC will need to collect the following personal information during your use of GoMore:

  1. Physical data from your physiological measurement, including but not only age, gender, height, weight, heart rate profile
  2. identity information including but not only name, email address, contacts
  3. performance data including not only average speed, distance, time, GPS location and map will be collected and reserved.

To enhance user experience, GoMore server will automatically record the IP address, time of use, locations of use, type of devices, type of browsers, and webpages browsed, etc. The foregoing record will be used as a reference for bOMDIC to enhance our services. In order to be more precise when providing service, bOMDIC will analyze information collected.

3. Protection of Information

The GoMore server equipped with firewall, anti-virus system, and any other measures that are necessary to protect the Information. Your personal Information is protected in the strictest manner, and only authorized personnel may have access to the said Information. In addition, the foregoing personnel have signed non-disclosure agreement with bOMDIC, and will be responsible for penalty in the event of any violation to the non-disclosure obligation. In the event that bOMDIC needs the assistance of other entity for providing services, it is promised that the said entity will be requested for a strict non-disclosure obligation, and the process of inspection will be set up accordingly to make sure that the said entity does not violate the non-disclosure obligation.

4. The Return and Deletion of Information

When you use the GoMore, you may choose to receive any of our notification of promotion, or you may follow our instructions to cancel the subscription; or you may contact us directly through to cancel the subscription. Despite the preference of emails promotions specified by you, you will still be notified in the event of any updates of the privacy policy and the Terms of Use. If you do not want to continue to use GoMore, you may immediately request us to stop collecting, processing or using your information, and you may also request us to remove your personal information. Please contact us directly if you wish to alter or modify your information.

5. Third Party Links

The webpage of the GoMore provides you links to other Internet resources, thus you may access other software or webpage by clicking the links provided by us. However, this privacy policy does not apply to software provided through the links, please read carefully the privacy policy provided in the foregoing links.

6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, the updates will be shown through the GoMore Software and GoMore website. When you start to use GoMore, it is deemed as acceptance of the current and any updated version of the privacy policy. If you do not accept this privacy policy or the updated versions, bOMDIC may stop providing service, and please note that this may also affect your experience of using GoMore.