Warranty Info

Thank you for purchasing GoMore product from bOMDIC. bOMDIC provides one 1 year limited warranties for the GoMore Devices and fittings (“Hardware”). Please read the following to learn more about our warranty terms:

1.Items Covered by Warranty:

  • GoMore Lite Device
  • A chest strap
  • battery

Other peripherals are not included in the scope of our warranties. For your safety, please follow the attached User Instructions when using the Hardware. bOMDIC guarantees that the devices above will perform in accordance with the User Instructions. However, batteries, cables and other peripherals are not included in the scope of our warranties. bOMDIC may charge fees for repair, replacement and inspection after the Warranty Period.

2. Warranty Period and Warranty Limitations:

bOMDIC provides one (1) year limited warranty (“Warranty Period”)to the Hardware from the date of purchase specified on the invoice or other proof of purchase. Warranty does not cover damages or defects that result from: Normal wear and tear; Failure to follow the User Instructions when using the Hardware; Misuse or abuse, accident (including but not limited to crash, fire, kept in high temperature environment, spill of liquid), unauthorised repair or change, or removal of serial numbers; Other causes that are not fault of bOMDIC. This warranty is only valid for the original purchaser; the warranty does not cover the purchaser or user acquired the Hardware from aftermarket. For over warranty period,

3. Handling Defects:

In the event that defects or damages occur during the Warranty Period, bOMDIC may, at its so discretion, repair or replace the defective or damaged Hardware. If bOMDIC decides to replace the defective or damaged Hardware, bOMDIC may, also at its sole discretion, decides to replace the Hardware with a new one or a reproduced one. However, bOMDIC is not responsible for the maintenance of data stored in the Hardware. Claims under this warranty shall be made with invoice or other proof of purchase. For the delivery of defective or damaged Hardware to bOMDIC, you shall be responsible for the freight cost of the delivery. Upon completion of repair or replacement, bOMDIC shall deliver the repaired or replaced Hardware to you at bOMDIC’s cost.

4. Disclaimer:

This warranty does not include services not specified here, unless otherwise requested by law, any implied warranties that are of commercial or specific purposes are not included in this warranty. bOMDIC is not responsible for damages result from the suspension of Hardware use, such damages include, but are not limited to, business loss, loss of information, loss of time, and cost for repair or replacement.